torsdag den 11. juni 2009


still not gonna do it.
im, oh. yea. ( i think writing and thinking in english keeps my mind clear)
im nervous. oh so nervous, i don't know what to do.
i have an exam tomorrow morning at 8.30
it in danish. it's not good.
danish is one of my most hated classes. i think it's boring. sorry, but it's the truth.
worse is the fact that my phone just broke. crap.
im gonna drive all the way home to pappa and pick up my old phone, hoping it'll work. it's important that i'll get up in time.
so. oh. another thing.
if you miss someone, really really miss someone. then i believe it's okay to give 'em your unshared attention for a minute.

i went for a walk, just to clear my head. it helped. for a while.
then i took a shower, just to clear my head. it helped. i think the only thing clearing my head completely is a beer, some music, a bar and my friends. smiling, laughing, singing, dancing, drinking..............

well. it's ah. unbelievable that these thoughts i have about you keeps on hunting me. arh. it's been two years. no - a year and half - and I still remember........... WON'T EVAAAAAAAAARH FORGET.

now im gonna text my bff and wish her luck.

oh what a crappy crappy day on this desert island. im sorry lolland.

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