søndag den 14. juni 2009

that party last night .......

oh boy, i've had a great time lately. (lately is the last two days)

got a little drunk, not to say alot, friday night. danced with iben, hello fun and back to the 80's.
drank with J, Julie, Nadi & Alan. U. was also there, never seen her so drunk before.
Oh. But, forget til mention - she thinks that im 'KONGE' - and she practically screamed it out when I arrived. I was wearing some really nice clothes. But unfortunately I forget to take a picture. Sorry. Gonna wear it some other day, then you can have a look.

last night I ate icecream, and got to think of the latest album from JuniorSenior which was called: I scream Icecream. (try to say it out loud, and you'll notice why its fun)
and, sorry for blogging in english - it's still because of my exam in 10 days.

you can have a song along the way: asher roth - i love college. (wanted to find the video on youtube. that didn't work. bah)
love kimmy

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