fredag den 9. oktober 2009


Jeg taggede lige mig selv i en blogleg. Du burde gøre det samme.

Where’s your cell phone: where I can't find it
Favorite food: sushi, tarteletter and skittles( that's candy, if you didn't knew)
Favorite drink: bombay gin& lemon - YUM
Where were you last night: home, for once
Something that you aren’t: helpless
Muffins: chocolate plz
Wish list item: chanel 2.55 in black ofc.
Where did you grow up: lolland, dk
Favorite store: h&m
Favorite color: black
Your best friend: is probably at work or in bed. dno
Place you go to over and over: to the beach
Favorite place to eat: at my mums.

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