mandag den 18. januar 2010

you know that I could use somebody, someone like you.

"There's these pictures of you on facebook, I look at them pretty often. You look so gorgeous in every kind of way. Your smile, your eyes and your perfect sense of style. Your cheekbone and your perfect almost black hair. Then I imagine us together, how much fun we would have when we were all alone. And how much everybody would say that we're the perfect match. Then I listen to the kind of music I think you like and then I tell myself to get a grib. I'll probably never get a total grib on this one, just because you kissed me and it felt so right. Sometimes I hope you'll do it again. In my head you're perfect, in really life you're probably not, but it doesn't matter. 'Cus you're the best imaginary real person that exists in my world. And that is why I'll always will be a little inlove with you."

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