onsdag den 9. juni 2010

"and I am not clumsy ... Idiot"

New York, we're here blablabla ...

Yes, we do have this is just NY feeling, no big deal. But the things is, we've been around the world so New York is just another place. And actually the place we've been closest to Denmark.
But come on, this is NY. And the things is when i'm back in 13 days, I'll def realiza that i've just been in N.Y, SANFRAN, L.A., Fiji and so fucking on. But right now, this is just my everyday and that I why I figure coming home will be really really hard. And you could only understand why if you've been away from home like this more than 2-3 weeks. Home seems like vacation. And I'm not really sure if I need a vaca.

But but but. Im as everyone else in love with gorgegous Central Park, Soho Arena, Grand Central Station is beautiful and the view from the airplane when arriving in JFK cannot be described. And Brooklyn, it's a beauty you really cant compare with anything. Anything.

Im not inlove as in i wanna stay, but youll see me here again someday. Pictures will come, when home.

See you in 13 days.

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