tirsdag den 10. august 2010

old stuff

1. apart from my raincoat this would make one of my alltimer faves. jeans, allstars, tee and hoodie. relaxing, and stylish as allways. picture taken at venice beach! 2. skaterboy and skatergirl. tony hawk and kim holten, yes yes. the dress is no longer among us. but it used to be a gina tricot dress, but now it's a skirt. madame tossauds on hollywood boulevard. 3. the amazing cheap dress from Bali. i love it. Picture taken at Sunset Beach on Fiji Mana Island. Amazing place. 10 days like that, on Fiji time. Something you all should try. 4. LA DODGERS!!! Me, in the most relaxing outfit after eaten 1st class sushi at Koï with Greg and Maria. After that, beerpong with Greg, Maria and Jared in the Garage! 5. Times Square. H&M polka dotted dress, with a bag from f21. My lovely relaxing hoodie blazer is from Sydney.

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